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Evolution - Blackjack Live Lobby
Evolution - Blackjack Live Lobby BLACKJACK
Stake € 1.00 - € 2,000.00
Evolution - Circus Live - Blackjack Gold
Evolution - Circus Live - Blackjack Gold BLACKJACK
Stake € 10.00 - € 2,500.00
Evolution - Circus Live - Blackjack
Evolution - Circus Live - Blackjack BLACKJACK
Stake € 5.00 - € 2,500.00
Evolution - Circus Blackjack 2
Evolution - Circus Blackjack 2 BLACKJACK
Stake € 5.00 - € 500.00
Evolution - Lightning Blackjack
Evolution - Lightning Blackjack BLACKJACK
Stake € 1.00 - € 1,000.00
Evolution - First Person Lightning Blackjack
Evolution - First Person Lightning Blackjack BLACKJACK
Stake € 1.00 - € 1,000.00
Evolution - Blackjack First Person
Evolution - Blackjack First Person BLACKJACK
Stake € 1.00 - € 1,000.00
GAMING1 - Blackjack European
GAMING1 - Blackjack European BLACKJACK
Stake € 1.00 - € 300.00
1x2 Gaming - Blackjack Classic
1x2 Gaming - Blackjack Classic BLACKJACK
Stake € 0.50 - € 100.00
Switch Studios - Classic Blackjack with Picture - Perfect Bonus
Switch Studios - Classic Blackjack with Picture - Perfect Bonus BLACKJACK
Stake € 1.00 - € 600.00
iSoftBet - Blackjack 21+3
iSoftBet - Blackjack 21+3 BLACKJACK
Stake € 0.10 - € 25.00
Switch Studios - High Streak Blackjack
Switch Studios - High Streak Blackjack BLACKJACK
Stake € 1.00 - € 500.00
Betsoft - Supreme 777 Jackpots
Betsoft - Supreme 777 Jackpots BLACKJACK
Stake € 1.00 - € 603.00
Play'n GO - European BlackJack MH
Play'n GO - European BlackJack MH BLACKJACK
Stake € 1.00 - € 100.00
Evolution - Free Bet BJ
Evolution - Free Bet BJ VIDEOPOKER
Stake € 1.00 - € 1,000.00

Online blackjack

Appearing in the late 18th century as 21, today blackjack is a staple card game in casinos around the world. It has loads of fans, and there's a reason! Its simple rules often make it the favorite game for beginner casino players, as well as for more established players. Not forgetting the high probability that the player beats the dealer. Whether you prefer multi-hand blackjack or classic blackjack, there is something for everyone at Circus!

Rules of blackjack

Do you not know how to play blackjack? Circus is here to guide you. The goal is to beat the dealer by getting a higher point total without passing 21. The major advantage of the casino dealer is that they always play after the players. If one of them gets more than 21 points, the dealer wins the stake.

Before receiving your cards, place your initial stake. When it's your turn to play, you have two choices: hit and take a new card, or stand and keep the cards that you have in your hand. Calculating the value of your stake is really simple: add up the value of your cards.

For certain hands, there are other possible options:

  • Take insurance: if the dealer has an ace and you think they will get a blackjack, you can take out insurance by paying half the initial stake. If you are right, this stake is doubled and you get it back.
  • Double down: after receiving 2 cards, you can double your initial stake. Once you’ve done this, you can only draw 1 extra card.
  • Split: if you have 2 of the same card, you can stake 2 hands from one. If they both win, your winnings are doubled.
  • Surrender: you choose to fold and lose half your initial stake without playing. It's a good choice if the dealer has a face card or if you risk going past 21.

Always keep in mind that the goal is to get as close as possible to 21 without going past it! One card can make all the difference! To learn more about blackjack, the value of the cards and the expressions used, read our tips and tricks on blackjack.

How to win at blackjack?

The first thing to do is learn the basics: study the values of the cards, memorize the blackjack vocabulary, learn the rules of the game and then learn about the strategies. While luck is key when the cards are being dealt, blackjack is also a game of strategy. Depending on the other hands, a knowledgeable player will know if they should ask for a new card, surrender or continue the game.

Learn to make the right choices depending on your hand and the dealer's. It's important to understand the implications of a split, insurance, double down and surrender. With a little practice, you will learn to handle the subtleties of blackjack, anticipate the probabilities of the dealer's hand and increase your chances of winning. The more you play, the more you will naturally make the right choices! Have you never played blackjack before? Practice using demo games with fictional money before starting a game with real money at Circus.

Don't forget that at Circus, everything is a bonus! Even when you lose, you still win. Each time you play our casino games, you win POINTS and COINS to swap for amazing prizes at the Circus Club.

The value of cards in blackjack

To start playing blackjack, you need to know the values of the 52 cards in the game:

  • From 2 to 10, each card has its own value.
  • Aces are worth 1 or 11, depending on your hand The value of aces is always calculated to the player's advantage. If your hand isn't over 21, the ace is worth 11, but if it goes past 21, the ace is worth 1.
  • The jack, queen and king are each worth 10. These cards are called face cards.

To get a blackjack, your hand must have an ace and a face card or 10.

Loads of online blackjack games

At Circus, you will find loads of online blackjack games from the biggest casino game providers. Each game has its atmosphere and subtleties. Take a seat at the Betsoft American Blackjack table, be tempted by the simplicity of Playtech's Lucky Lucky Blackjack or have loads of fun in SHUFMST's Super Fun 21 Extreme.

Would you like to play several hands at once? Go for Multi-hand blackjack. You quickly collect points making it a thrilling game! Try to beat the dealer in ISB's Blackjack Multi Hand 3D or experience the casino atmosphere as if you are there with Gaming1's Blackjack European VIP. To add a bit of madness, play a game of Blackjack Twins & Crazy Twins Extended VIP: with 2 extra bets, win up to 300x your stake!

Play live blackjack

Are you tempted by the intensity of live casino? Face the dealer without leaving your home! For casino fans, there's nothing like the atmosphere of game tables, contact with the dealer, the suspense of betting live and the joy of winning.

From the comfort of your sofa, interact with the dealer and the other casino players around the world in our live blackjack games. And you are doubly lucky: the tables are especially reserved for the Circus community. Go up against other players in Circus Live Blackjack or Circus Live Blackjack Gold. Have an extraordinary interactive experience!

And if online live casino isn't enough, go to the Circus Casino Resort de Namur or one of our Circus Casino gaming halls to experience the intensity of blackjack in the luxurious setting of our establishments!