Online blackjack

Online blackjack can be found on every online casino website. Whether you play multi-hand blackjack or prefer a more traditional game, Circus offers something for everyone!

Blackjack is a real favourite for beginners, as it’s easy to pick up and the odds of beating the house are high. However, more experienced players can still enjoy the game as well.

Will you beat the dealer in a game of online blackjack?

Beat the dealer by having a higher number in your hand than them without going over 21. Fancy playing with several hands at once? Why not try multi-hand blackjack? That way you can spice up the game and collect points even faster.

How do you play blackjack?

Before the game starts, place a starter bet. The cards will then be dealt and you can decide whether you want to hit or stand. Then you can double or split the bet. Don’t forget, you want to get as close as possible to 21 without going past it, so one card can make all the difference! It’s super simple to work out the value of your hand: all you have to do is add up the total value of all your cards.

Circus is a great place to learn the game. You can start off practising in demo mode and then when you feel more confident, you can try your luck with real money.

Need more info about blackjack, the value of different cards and all the terminology? Check out the rules of blackjack

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Do you like to play blackjack live with real dealers while still being snuggled up on the sofa at home? Here at Circus we are helping make your dreams reality! To try this incredible interactive experience, check out our live casino section