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GAMING1 - Karak Forge - SpinQuest
GAMING1 - Karak Forge - SpinQuest SLOT
Stake € 0.10 - € 100.00
GAMING1 - Faelorn - SpinQuest
GAMING1 - Faelorn - SpinQuest SLOT
Stake € 0.10 - € 100.00
GAMING1 - Emaki And The Sevens
GAMING1 - Emaki And The Sevens SLOT
Stake € 0.10 - € 100.00

Discover Spin Quest

Your loyalty is always rewarded with online Spin Quest™ casino games. Achieve your quest objective to earn your reward.

How do you play Spin Quest games?

Spin Quest is a game, a quest and a reward. You start the game with a quest, an objective you need to achieve. When you achieve this objective, you’ll receive your reward. Simple, no? Depending on your game style and how much you usually stake, the reward is adapted accordingly so you can win even more!

To find out more, check out the rules of Spin Quest.

Go at your own pace

You can play whenever you want, wherever you want, at your own pace. The goal is simple and achievable and it is easy to see how much you have left to go. There is also no risk of another player taking your jackpot while you aren’t playing, unlike shared jackpots. Whatever happens, your quest will be saved.

Get ready! You are about to face some of the toughest challenges, it is all a matter of patience.