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COINS, what are they and how do they work?

COINS are the Circus Club currency. Every time you play a game or place a bet at Circus, you earn COINS. You can then swap them for the prizes you want. On this page, we will explain everything you need to know about COINS: how to earn, swap and use them.

How can I earn COINS?

By playing at Circus. It’s really that simple! Every time you play a casino game or place a sports bet at Circus, you earn COINS. Whether you win or lose, you still earn COINS. With the Circus Club, you are always a winner!

For online casino games, you receive 1 COIN each time you play:

  • €10 on dice games or slot machines
  • €30 on roulette or blackjack

For online sports bets, you earn 1 COIN every time you bet between €1 and €10, depending on the type of bet and its odds. You can place a prematch, live, single or combination bet. Whatever your favorite is!

Minimum stake to earn 1 COIN




Between 1.40 and 1.80



Between 1.81 and 3.00



Between 3.01 and 7.50



More than 7.51



You can also earn COINS during special promotions. Don’s miss out on these! Stay tuned for our promotions.

Do I earn COINS when I play in Circus establishments?

Of course! The Circus Club also rewards your loyalty when you play in our Circus establishments. In the Circus Casino gaming halls and the Circus Casino Resort de Namur, you get:

  • 1 COIN every time you bet €20 on slot machines
  • 1 COIN every time you bet €60 on roulette
  • COINS for taking part in our tournaments and special events
What can I do with my COINS?

You can swap your COINS for rewards: e-vouchers, high-tech gadgets, well-being gifts, trips, and much more. The choice is yours! The more COINS you have in your account, the more exciting the prizes.

You can use your COINS to buy a Circus Gift Card, which can be swapped for an e-voucher on one of your favorite retail websites: Zalando, Netflix or Spotify. Depending on how many COINS you have, you can buy a Gift Card from €10 to €50.

To see the full list of gifts and see which ones you can get with your COINS, take a look at our shop.

Do I get COINS every time I play or bet?

You receive COINS most of the time, but not always. You must bet a minimum amount to be able to earn COINS, depending on the type of game or bet. For example:

  • You must bet at least €10 on slot machines to get 1 COIN. If you play €5 and then change to another slot machine (finishing your session on the first slot), you will not earn any COINS. To earn COINS, you must always reach €10 in a single game. Your bets do not accumulate over several games.
  • To get 1 COIN with a single bet which has odds between 1.40 and 1.80, you have to bet at least €10. Placing 2 single bets of €5 each will not earn you any COINS.
Do I always get the same number of COINS?

No, not always. Occasionally we organize Happy Hours that allow you to multiple the number of COINS you earn on certain games or during specific times. Don’t miss out on these great offers and regularly check out our promotions.

Do COINS expire?

No, your COINS stay valid forever. Your COINS will never disappear, unless you delete your account. The amount of COINS you can earn isn’t limited, so they will stay in your account until you decide to use them.

I have bought a Circus Gift Card. When will I receive it?

You will receive your Circus Gift Card straight away. You can swap it for e-vouchers on your favorite retail website, like Zalando, Netflix, Amazon and Spotify. It’s easy, quick and secure!

Using it couldn't be simpler:

  1. Copy your Circus Gift Card code from your gift history or the confirmation email

  2. Paste your code on our partner website

  3. Choose your e-voucher and treat yourself on your favorite retail websites!

Where can I find my COIN total?

You can find your COIN total at any time in your Circus account by going to the Club shop.

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