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What are keys and how do they work?

Each time you reach a new status in the Circus Club, you win a key. With this key you can unlock a Prize Wheel that gives you access to rewards. Learn everything you need to know about the keys: how to earn them and how to use them.

How can I win a key and how do I use it?

By simply playing or betting at Circus you earn points. When you have achieved a certain number of points, you will reach a new status in the Circus Club. Every time you reach a higher status for the first time, you are rewarded with a key. Use this special key to unlock the Prize Wheel. Spin the wheel and find out what your reward is! The higher your status, the better the rewards on the wheel!

How many points do I need to get a key?

You'll start your Circus Club adventure with the Blue status. You can then climb up to 10 higher statuses, each of which will give you a key.


Points required to get a key





















Do keys expire?

No, your keys will always be valid. They don't disappear unless you delete your account. You can keep your keys for as long as you want. They will stay in your account until you use them!

When you reset your status, the keys you won before disappear so you can start the adventure again. So, don't forget to use all your available keys and unlock all your Prize Wheels before resetting your status!

Can I use my key to unlock any Prize Wheel?

No, you can’t. Each key is different and unlocks the Prize Wheel that matches your new status.

Can I win the same key several times?

Each time you reach a new status, you get a new key that is unique and unlocks the Prize Wheel that matches your new status.

When you reach Gold status, you can opt to reset your status. In that case, you'll start the Circus Club adventure again from the beginning and return to Blue status with no points. This means that you can reach new statuses and get new keys and new prizes.

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