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The Wheel, what is it and how does it work?

When you reach a new status, you get a key that allows you to unlock the Wheel and win extra COINS. Find everything you need to know about the Wheel, how it works and what you can win.

Wheels, what are they and how to they work?

The Wheel rewards you in COINS for your game activity and for reaching a new status. When you reach a new status for the first time, you win a key that unlocks a Wheel. Spin it and find out how many COINS you’ve won.

Can I spin a Wheel twice?

It’s not possible unless you reset your status. This can only be done from the Gold status onwards, when you can choose to reset your status back to Blue and restart your journey through the different levels.

In this case, you restart the adventure from 0 POINTS. This means that you can reach new statuses again, receive new keys and therefore extra COINS.

Do Wheels always give the same number of COINS?

No. Each Wheel has different prizes. The higher your status, the bigger the number of COINS as the Wheel is linked to your game activity.

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