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 What are the Circus Club statuses?

When you play or bet at Circus, you get POINTS that allow you to progress through the statuses. The higher your status, the higher the value of the prizes you can win.

What are the Club statuses?

The Club has 11 different statuses. The table below shows them all, as well as how many POINTS you need to reach each one.


Number of POINTS























What are the online perks for each status?

First of all, when you reach a new status for the first time, you receive a key. This key gives you access to a Prize Wheel. The higher your status, the higher the value of the prizes you can win.

Careful! Did you drop to a lower status because you played or bet less, and then returned to your previous, higher status? Then you won’t be given a key to spin the wheel, because it isn’t the first time you’ve reached this status.

As a member of the Club, you also get Gift Boxes, which you can open at the start of each month. The idea of the Gift Box is the same: the higher your status, the higher the value of the rewards you can win.

What are the gaming hall perks for each status?

As well as prizes at Circus.be, your status gets you access to perks in your favorite Circus Casino gaming hall.

  • The soup bar is available from Blue status. 
  • As soon as you reach Bronze status, you can enjoy a free drink on each visit, as well as reimbursed parking*. 
  • Get Gold status to also benefit from an extra chance during special promotions in the gaming hall. 
  • From Platinum status, you get a snack on each visit, and not one, but two extra chances during promotions. 
  • Finally, by unlocking Diamond status, you can enjoy as many snacks and drinks as you want for you and a friend, a gift on your birthday, as well as 3 extra chances in our promotions, and maybe other surprises!

Not bad, right?

* only valid in some gaming halls

What do I win when I reach a new status?

When you reach a new status, you get a key. This key gives you access to a Prize Wheel where you can win an amazing prize.

Please note that the prizes shown on the Prize Wheel are indicative. You get tickets corresponding to the value indicated on the Prize Wheel.

Can I reset my status?

Would you like to restart the adventure and experience the game and the progression through the statuses again? Then you can reset your status once you have reached Gold status or higher, simply by going to your settings.

Before resetting your status, make sure you have spun all the Prize Wheels that are still available so you don’t miss out on any rewards.

Please note that if you choose to reset your status, you rewards will also have a lower value.

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