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GAMING1 - Vertical Roulette
GAMING1 - Vertical Roulette ROULETTE
Stake € 0.10 - € 80.00
GAMING1 - European Roulette
GAMING1 - European Roulette ROULETTE
Stake € 0.10 - € 80.00
GAMING1 - European Roulette DealOrNoDeal
GAMING1 - European Roulette DealOrNoDeal ROULETTE
Stake € 0.10 - € 80.00
GAMING1 - European Roulette VIP
GAMING1 - European Roulette VIP ROULETTE
Stake € 1.00 - € 800.00
GAMING1 - Vertical Roulette VIP
GAMING1 - Vertical Roulette VIP ROULETTE
Stake € 5.00 - € 3,600.00
€ 38,040.90
Amusnet - Virtual Vegas Roulette
Amusnet - Virtual Vegas Roulette ROULETTE
Stake € 0.10 - € 10.00
GAMING1 - European Roulette Steampunk
GAMING1 - European Roulette Steampunk ROULETTE
Stake € 0.10 - € 80.00
€ 38,040.90
Amusnet - Virtual Monaco Roulette
Amusnet - Virtual Monaco Roulette ROULETTE
Stake € 0.10 - € 10.00
€ 38,040.90
Amusnet - Virtual Space Roulette
Amusnet - Virtual Space Roulette ROULETTE
Stake € 0.10 - € 10.00
Fazi - Vip Roulette
Fazi - Vip Roulette ROULETTE
Stake € 1.00 - € 100.00
Evolution - Roulette First Person
Evolution - Roulette First Person ROULETTE
Stake € 0.10 - € 2,000.00
Evolution - First Person American Roulette
Evolution - First Person American Roulette ROULETTE
Stake € 0.10 - € 25.00
Switch Studios - Multifire Roulette Wildfire
Switch Studios - Multifire Roulette Wildfire ROULETTE
Stake € 0.25 - € 1,000.00
Games Global - GridIron Roulette
Games Global - GridIron Roulette ROULETTE
Stake € 0.25 - € 1,000.00
GAMING1 - American Vertical Roulette
GAMING1 - American Vertical Roulette ROULETTE
Stake € 0.10 - € 80.00

Online roulette

Online roulette is one of our players' favorite games and it takes you straight into the world of real casinos. Have you already tried your luck in this legendary game? You have two options: put your faith in chance or work on your own strategy. The choice is yours! Throw the ball in one of our online roulette games and bet on the number(s) of your choice between 0 and 36. You could win up to 35 times your stake!

Win up to 35 times your stake!

From classic European roulette to 3D roulette and VIP roulette, Circus has a wide choice of online roulettes for you to enjoy. Each version is more exciting than the others! Take more or less risk depending on your stakes and the strategy you are using.

With several possibilities for different stakes, your chances of winning are multiplied. Bet on red or black, odd or even, low or high, and many more. Take a seat at the table, make the right choice and pocket up to 35 times your stake. A nice bonus that can't be refused! Can you feel your adrenaline pumping?

How do you play roulette?

Playing roulette at Circus is really simple!  Choose the numbers, colors and combinations you want to bet on, place your chips, let the croupier spin the wheel and the turn is done. From that moment, no more bets! You can no longer change your stake and all you have to do is wait. If the ball stops on your number, color or combination, you win the game! Is the tension rising?

Easy, right? To hone your strategy and stay one step ahead of the other players, read the rules so you can play smarter. There are different ways of placing your bets. The more you bet, the more chances you have of winning a nice bonus.

Placing your bets in online roulette

When you play roulette, start by choosing the type of game table: traditional table or hippodrome table.

The traditional table

First things first: the outside bets. You bet on a color, black or red, or on the even or odd numbers on the game table. If you were right, you win 1 times your stake. You can also bet on low, that means the numbers between 1 and 18, or high, the numbers between 19 and 36 to win 1 times your stake.

A well as outside bets, you also have several ways of making inside bets. If you choose to bet on a dozen, meaning 12 consecutive numbers, you can double your stake. Go for two dozens to try and win 0.5 times your stake.

You've got it right: the lower the chances of the ball falling on your number, color, or combination, the higher the winnings! Make sure you're paying attention, we're going to go a bit deeper and list some more specific terms.

To bet on 6 numbers or a six line, place your chips on the T-junction between 2 lines of 3 numbers. If the ball thrown by the croupier lands on one of these 6 numbers, you win 5 times your stake. Place your chip on the intersection between 4 numbers to make a corner or square bet and you could win 8 times your starting bet. With the street bet, you stake on a line of 3 numbers that allows you to win 11 times your stake, a nice bonus from your initial bet.

Are you still following us? Great! As a bonus, we are going to continue with other ways to increase your winnings even more in roulette. In American roulette, make a basket bet, a combination of 3 squares from the top of the table such as 0/1/2, 0/00/2 and 00/2/3 and you could win 11 times your stake. With a split, you bet on 2 adjacent numbers and you can win 17 times your stake. And last but not least: straight bet. Do you feel like today is your lucky day? Bet on one number and win 35 times your stake!

The hippodrome table

The difference with the traditional game table is that the numbers on the hippodrome table appear in the same order as on the wheel. With this game table, you have even more options for placing your chips, and you can stake on a combination of at least 5 numbers.

If you play a black split on a hippodrome table, you bet on each of the double black squares. With the red split, you bet on all the double red squares. Make a tiers du cylindre bet by betting on a group of 12 numbers opposite the 0. Playing a voisins du zero means betting on a group of 17 numbers surrounding 0. With the orphelins, you bet on the 8 numbers that don't appear in the tiers du cylindre, or on the voisins du 0.

Do you need a little summary of all the ways to place your chips to stake in roulette? Have a look at our tips and tricks on the rules of roulette and the terms you might come across during a game. Don't forget that you can play roulette for free with our demo versions.

European, American, 3D or VIP roulette?

Roulette is a very simple casino game. Players place their chips on the squares of their choice on the game table. Once all the players have placed their stakes, the croupier announces that betting has finished and declares: "No more bets". The croupier then spins the wheel. The ball stops in one of the pockets and the players find out the winning number and color.

European roulette is the most common variation of the game on European casino websites. In this version, the wheel only has one 0 pocket and doesn't have a 00. The aim of American roulette is the same as European roulette, but the main difference is that the wheel has a double zero pocket.

Do you want to play roulette as if you were in a real casino? Go for 3D roulette! As a bonus, you will enjoy impressive graphics and life-like sounds to immerse your in the atmosphere of your favorite casino.

Finally, VIP roulette has everything that classic roulette has, but it has much higher maximum stakes. With VIP roulettes, everything is a bonus: you can get incredible winnings!

Roulette as if you were there!

Do you want an exceptional experience? Try your luck in the live casino, where professional croupiers welcome you to their tables that are filmed directly in the casino. Go against other players, follow the roulette ball in real time and find out if you have won!

Play for free

Have you read the rules for roulette but you're not ready to start betting yet? No problem! Practice on different types of roulette with our demo versions. You can play for free and familiarize yourself with the game.